In the sports equipment business, Valentine’s Day is not the first holiday that comes to mind in the month of February. Instead, we are focused on Super Bowl Sunday—the impressive rivalries, the post-game tears of joy and heartbreak, and, of course, the chicken wings. This year, however, we’re doing something a little different at Sportsfield Specialties. We have decided to make space for Valentine’s Day by inviting a few people to wax poetic about what they adore about Sportsfield.

Andrew Hannigan in front of a WeatherScape® Team Shelter


For Andrew Hannigan, Research and Development Engineer, one thing he loves most about working at Sportsfield Specialties is the cross-collaboration he has with the manufacturing team. “I was brought on as an engineer directly out of college—plenty of book smarts but little practical knowledge.” Hannigan quickly learned that what was drawn on a computer didn’t always translate into the real world.

“Because we manufacture our products on site, it’s easy and encouraged to work directly with the shop personnel to get valuable feedback. My professional successes are directly related to the relationships I have built in the shop.” Be-it machinists, welders, painters, assembly technicians, etc., Hannigan has learned about each process from true experts.

“Details matter in production and the practical knowledge I’ve obtained has made it easier to see how small design choices on my end can affect the ease and outcomes of manufacturing a product. This collaboration has made me a better engineer and helps me create better products for clients.” ❤️

Alynne Javvaji - Motz Group


The relationship between The Motz Group, an Ohio-based athletic construction company, and Sportsfield Specialties spans years—the bond is deep. We asked Alynne Javvaji, Senior Operations Coordinator at The Motz Group to share what she loves about working with Sportsfield. “Without a doubt it’s the people,” said Javvaji. “In every way possible, Sportsfield feels like an extension of our own Motz culture with their passion for customer service and innovation. Also, like Motz, Sportsfield fully values the communities they are a part of.”

For Javvaji and her colleagues, knowing that the two companies have shared values means on days when things aren’t running as smoothly as desired, they can call, text, or email Sportsfield with questions or clarification without a hassle. “I’m usually met with a joke, a positive attitude, and always a solution,” she said.

On those tough days, neither company goes to bed mad, instead they communicate and look for answers. Together, Javvaji explains, “we celebrate wins and work to find opportunities to learn from each other—ultimately, this is the kind of partnership we want to be committed to.” ❤️

Alynne Javvaji - Motz Group


February is a busy time for Sportsfield’s Direct Division, but luckily Lauren Iwanow, Senior Customer Service Representative is always in the mood to opine on what she adores most about the company. When asked, she was quick to share, “It’s easy to love being a part of Sportsfield!”

Iwanow explained that the Direct team is in “the heart of stadium season,” which is the busy construction period prior to the Spring sports openers—think MLB and MiLB stadiums. “It’s our most complex and challenging part of the year, but it’s one I’m grateful for.” She attributes this gratitude to the simple fact that she is working with the best in the business.

“It’s a privilege to be part of an innovative team that puts their heart and soul into getting every detail right for clients and projects across North America. We’re bringing ideas to life from concept, to design, to installation, and then to Opening Day.” For Iwanow, that’s something to be proud of.

“I love when the lights come on for Opening Day,” she said, “knowing that the people and hard work behind the scenes at Sportsfield helped make those moments happen.” ❤️

Christina Wood - Sportsfield Specialties


As Marketing Manager at Sportsfield, part of Christina Wood’s job is to plan special events. “The largest we host is our Customer Appreciation Party, which happens in conjunction with the American Sports Builders Association’s (ASBA) Technical Meeting each winter,” Wood explained. This event has become a powerful symbol of something she loves most about working at Sportsfield—the company’s commitment to meaningful relationships with clients and partners.

“When I joined the team in 2015, I was told that the ASBA events were like a reunion that provided a chance to catch, up face-to-face, with clients who were also good friends.” In 2015, Wood attended ASBA not knowing a soul outside of Sportsfield, but that changed quickly. “I made friends that first year that remain friends to this day,” Wood said. She added that she loves being part of a community, the sports construction community, that makes time for personal connections. “Also, I love throwing a party for these folks—it’s a treat!”

The Customer Appreciation Party isn’t the only event Sportsfield hosts, but it is the largest with roughly 300 guests in attendance. There are many smaller receptions, dinners, and tours that serve the same purpose—to nurture relationships. “Knowing the people at the receiving end of my marketing and event planning efforts helps me better understand what the community needs from Sportsfield’s marketing department. I’m able to approach my work with more wisdom, clarity, and informed creativity.” ❤️

Sportsfield’s commitment to innovation and problem-solving, paired with valuing connection, is what makes the company so special—for its employees, it’s a labor of love. So, when you’re watching the Super Bowl this Sunday, and you gaze upon the field goals at SoFi Stadium (home of the LA Rams and Chargers), know they were made with love by your friends at Sportsfield Specialties.