Landing Zone Mats


  • Create a safe landing area with portable landing zone mats
  • Constructed with 18.5 oz. vinyl and breather fabric
  • Sewn black nylon handles for ease of handling
  • Combination PE and high impact polyurethane foam
  • Choose from a variety of standard color options







Product Details

Sportsfield Specialties' Portable Landing Zone Mats, also known as "crash pads", provide a portable solution for your safety needs. Multiple mats can be combined using hook and loop attachments, which increases the landing area.

Sportsfield Specialties' Landing Zone Mats are constructed with 18.5 oz. vinyl and mesh fabric on three sides. The filler includes a top layer of cross-linked polyethylene foam or high impact foam, which provides a full thickness of either 4" or 6", respectively. Polyethylene provides a firm landing surface, while a high impact foam provides cushioned support.

Our portable landing zone mats can be custom designed to your specifications for thickness, width and length. While it is not standard, we can also construct them in a folding mat style, upon request.

Specs & Downloads

Model # Specifications Files
LZM Non-folding, 19oz. vinyl available in a variety of standard colors

Color Charts

18.5 oz. Outdoor Vinyl Color Chart

Color Chart Swatch - Grey


Color Chart Swatch - Black


Color Chart Swatch - Yellow


Color Chart Swatch - Orange


Color Chart Swatch - Burgundy


Color Chart Swatch - Red


Color Chart Swatch - Light Blue

Light Blue

Color Chart Swatch - Royal Blue

Royal Blue

Color Chart Swatch - Blue


Color Chart Swatch - Navy Blue

Navy Blue

Color Chart Swatch - Purple


Color Chart Swatch - Green


Color Chart Swatch - Kelly Green

Kelly Green

Color Chart Swatch - Forest Green

Forest Green

Color Chart Swatch - White


Color Chart Swatch - Tan


Color Chart Swatch - Brown