Sprint Hurdles


  • Available in rocker and "L" shaped styles for all levels
  • Hurdles meet or exceed specifications of governing athletic organizations
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Variety of standard powder coat colors offered
  • Available with gateboard lettering and logos
  • Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • 5-year manufacturer's product warranty






Product Details

All sprint hurdles from Sportsfield Specialties are constructed of aluminum and meet the official precise pullover force and weight requirements as dictated by the governing rules organizations at each of the five heights. All of the hurdles meet and/or exceed the IAAF, NCAA and NFHS specifications, rules and requirements depending on type and have a five year manufacturer's product warranty.

Specs & Downloads

High School Hurdles

Model # Specifications Files
HRHS High school rocker hurdles - 41"
HRHSA High school advanced rocker hurdle - 41"
HLHS41 High school "L" shaped, fixed counterweights - 41"

Collegiate Hurdles

Model # Specifications Files
HLCOL41 College "L" shaped hurdle, free-sliding counterweights - 41"
HLCOL47 College "L" shaped hurdle, adjustable counterweights - 47"

National Hurdles

Model # Specifications Files
HLNAT41 National "L" shaped hurdle, free-sliding counterweights - 41"
HLNAT47 National "L" shaped hurdle, adjustable counterweights - 47"

Carts & Covers

Model # Specifications Files
HLCRT41 Transport cart for up to ten 41" "L" shaped hurdles
HLCRT47 Transport cart for up to ten 47" "L" shaped hurdles
HLRCRT Universal transport cart for up to ten rocker or "L" shaped hurdles
HLCRTAWC41 Optional all-weather vinyl cover for 41" "L" shaped hurdle cart
HLCRTAWC47 Optional universal all-weather vinyl cover for HLRCRT hurdle cart

Color Charts

Powdercoat Color Chart

Color Chart Swatch - Reflective White

Reflective White

Color Chart Swatch - 6x Yoke White HP

6x Yoke White HP

Color Chart Swatch - Uni-Cream


Color Chart Swatch - Almond


Color Chart Swatch - Camel


Color Chart Swatch - ASA-70 Gray

ASA-70 Gray

Color Chart Swatch - Silvadillo


Color Chart Swatch - Azure Blue

Azure Blue

Color Chart Swatch - Blue Streak II

Blue Streak II

Color Chart Swatch - Post Office Blue II

Post Office Blue II

Color Chart Swatch - Evergreen


Color Chart Swatch - Bike Black (Gloss)

Bike Black (Gloss)

Color Chart Swatch - Vulcan Black HP (Standard)

Vulcan Black HP

Color Chart Swatch - Sulfur Yellow

Sulfur Yellow

Color Chart Swatch - Safety Orange

Safety Orange

Color Chart Swatch - Red Baron

Red Baron

Color Chart Swatch - Brown Red

Brown Red

Color Chart Swatch - Purple Wave

Purple Wave

Color Chart Swatch - Goth Black (Flat)

Goth Black