ThrowForm® Systems


  • Sportsfield is the inventor of pre-engineered ThrowForm® systems
  • Patented design ensures accurate construction and positive drainage
  • Stay-in-place forming system eliminates complex hand-forming
  • Features bolt-together sections with integral drainage and throw circle
  • Includes staking gussets, rebar notches, and concrete finishing screed line
  • Single and dual throwing pad configurations available
  • Designed to meet / exceed IAAF, NCAA, and NFHS rules and regulations
  • U.S. Patents: #8,186,684 and #8,578,678






Product Details

ThrowForm® Systems are modular aluminum structures designed with the intent of easing the installation process while delivering quality throwing pads. Traditional systems require the purchase of individual components and call for timely preparation and concrete forming from the installer. The ThrowForm® Systems integrate all components into one unit transforming installation into a few easy steps. Simply bolt together the sections, position as desired, level, and pour the concrete.

Specs & Downloads

Model # Specifications Files
TFD ThrowForm® discus throw pad forming system
TFDDH ThrowForm® discus/hammer dual throw pad forming system
TFSP ThrowForm® shot put/hammer throw pad forming system