Please review our artwork submission guidelines before submitting your artwork.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.



Accepted File Types

Sportsfield Specialties prefers VECTOR files (.ai,.pdf &.eps) for the majority of our projects. It will also produce the fastest turnaround time. We're very flexible at Sportsfield Specialties though, and will accept almost any file type. If you're unsure whether your files meet our guidelines, please contact our graphics department. We'll be more than happy to assist you.

Due to variations in acceptable standards with raster based artwork, we cannot guarantee the print resolution will meet your qualifications unless you supply us with a high-resolution raster graphic or vector graphic. We will do our best to warn about potential issues.

Convert Text to Outlines

All final design files must have fonts or text converted to outlines be submitting. If for some reason you are unable to do so, please submit the fonts themselves along with your artwork.

Expand Vector Shapes

To prevent any scaling issues, make sure you expand appearance and expand strokes.

Save All Files in CMYK Color Mode

Files that are not saved correctly can sometimes lead to unexpected color shifts. Since RGB (what you see on your monitor) has a different overall color range than CMYK (printer colors). It makes sense and is fine to create your files in RGB mode, but when saving your final file create a CMYK color mode version to submit to us. The color mode is how your file is setup and saved. If you have Pantone (PMS) Colors assigned to your vectors they will print using those colors. If you intend on printing with Pantone Colors please submit your file with all colors assigned in file.

DPI Guidelines

A minimum of 300 DPI (dots per inch) should be used as a general guideline for your raster-based files. Sometimes referred to as PPI (pixels per inch). We will accept all levels of dpi just be aware that if you submit a file with low resolution it will most likely have some pixelation and/or blur. We will analyze your file the best we can to let you know how it will print, before we do so.

Always check your file image resolution before submitting by zooming into 100% and examining for yourself. This allows you to see pixel resolution at the same size as it will be printed. You can check your documents DPI level in Photoshop by clicking on "Image > Image Size" in the menu bar. DPI or PPI is referred to as resolution.

When dealing with large format prints such as wall padding and other vinyl / mesh printed graphics, we recommend designing on a certain scale with lower DPI settings.


100-150 DPI @ 100% print size on all raster based graphics

200-300 DPI @ 50% print size on all raster based graphics

400-600 DPI @25% print size on all raster based graphics

Can you 'vectorize' my logo or file?

Yes! We can take pretty much any graphic and turn it into a print ready vector file.  However, doing so will require additional time to your project and will depend on the quality of the original image file.

Artwork Submission

Artwork can be submitted through the submission form below or through the contact form of your regional sales representative. For files larger than 15MB, we offer FTP submission services upon request. If the internet is unavailable a USB flash drive may be mailed to us via USPS, Fed Ex or UPS.  Contact your regional sales representative for address information. Be sure to include your project name and contact information with your submission.


If your file exceeds our 10MB upload limit, or you have too many files you want to submit at once. Please contact your regional sales representative to send files via email or using our FTP services.

We are also open to accepting files through cloud-based file sharing websites such as Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, etc.