Dasher Board Padding


  • “L” shaped pads designed specifically for dasher boards
  • Provides protection for the top and face of the board
  • Ideal for arena football and ice hockey applications
  • Utilize interchangeable digitally printed advertisements
  • Pads feature 3” or 5” high impact polyurethane and XPE foam -
  • 8’ wide x 42” to 48” tall
  • Secure to self-adhesive Velcro® strips on spectator side of boards
  • Used by 50+ arena football stadiums nationwide





Product Details

Our dasher board pads were the original product used for arena football over twenty years ago. Today, they can be found in over 50 arenas across the country. Uncompromised quality and the widest variety available make Sportsfield Specialties Dasher Board Padding the best in the industry.

The standard design involves an "L" shape that folds at a 90 degree angle and extends up and over the top of the dasher board to provide maximum protection to both the face and top surfaces. These pads are available in both 3" and 5" thicknesses and heights of 42" and 48". Standard pad width is 8'.

Specs & Downloads

Model # Specifications Files
DBPCF3 3" Foam dasher board padding
DBPCF5 5" Foam dasher board padding

Color Charts

14 oz. Indoor Vinyl Color Chart

Color Chart Swatch - Grey


Color Chart Swatch - Black


Color Chart Swatch - Yellow


Color Chart Swatch - Orange


Color Chart Swatch - Maroon


Color Chart Swatch - Red


Color Chart Swatch - Light Blue

Light Blue

Color Chart Swatch - Royal Blue

Royal Blue

Color Chart Swatch - Blue


Color Chart Swatch - Navy Blue

Navy Blue

Color Chart Swatch - Purple


Color Chart Swatch - Kelly Green

Kelly Green

Color Chart Swatch - Forest Green

Forest Green

Color Chart Swatch - Camel