FieldSpec® Drag Brush Groomers & Magnets

  • Designed to stand synthetic turf fibers and level infill material
  • Includes double row poly brushes and spring tines
  • Durable powder coated steel and aluminum construction
  • User-friendly settings and height adjustment feature
  • Available in 7’ and 15’ widths, 15’ model features folding wings
  • Optional 7’ tow-behind magnet designed to extract metal debris


FieldSpec® Drag Brush Groomers are specialized equipment designed to care for and maintain synthetic turf surfaces. These groomers play a crucial role in ensuring player safety and the longevity, performance, and aesthetic of artificial turf athletic fields.

The FieldSpec® Drag Brush is great for weekly or monthly athletic field maintenance by lifting turf fibers and leveling the infill material (rubber or sand). The FieldSpec® magnet is designed to pick up any metal debris from the athletic surface.

Our drag brush groomers are available in two sizes – 7ft and 15ft. They are towable using a small tractor or utility vehicle and is fully portable for off-field storage. Additionally, FieldSpec® products have reversible and replaceable grooming brushes and replaceable dethatching tines.


FS7ITBS - 7' drag brush

FS15ITBS - 15' drag brush

FTMAG - 7' tow-behind magnet
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FieldSpec® Drag Brush / Tines Groomers
FieldSpec® Magnet
FieldSpec® Drag Brush / Tines Groomers