Futsal Goals

  • Designed for indoor / outdoor, small-sided 5 vs. 5 soccer play
  • High strength, TIG welded aluminum construction
  • White super durable powder coated finish
  • Integrated aluminum net clips guaranteed for the life of the goal
  • Includes white 3mm twisted, knotted polyethylene net


Futsal is a fast-paced variant of soccer played on a smaller, hard court with a smaller ball. The goals in futsal are typically smaller than traditional soccer goals and played on a smaller court like our SmallWall Soccer Enclosures. Given the nature of futsal, which involves close ball control, rapid movements, and frequent shots on goal, our futsal goals are constructed of high strength aluminum with TIG welded joints for maximum durability and stability. The light-weight aluminum allows the goal to be transported on and off the playing court easily. Round faced, square faced, and international models available.


FG610R - Round faced, 6'7"H x 9'10"L

TitleSizeDate addedDownload
FG610R Round Faced Futsal Goal Install Instructions423.41 KB20-09-2023 Download
FG610R 6 7 x 9 10 Round Faced Futsal Goal184.66 KB20-09-2023 Download
FG610R-CAD541.61 KB20-09-2023 Download

FG610S - Square post, 6'7"H x 9'10"L

TitleSizeDate addedDownload
FG610S Square Post Futsal Goal Install Instructions388.24 KB20-09-2023 Download
FG610S 6 7 x 9 10 Square Post Futsal Goal244.82 KB20-09-2023 Download
FG610S-CAD235.17 KB20-09-2023 Download

FG610RINT - International round faced, 6'7"H x 9'10"L

TitleSizeDate addedDownload
FG610RINT Round Post Futsal Goal Install Instructions530.83 KB20-09-2023 Download
FG610RINT 6 7 x 9 10 Round Post Futsal Goal167.27 KB20-09-2023 Download
FG610RINT-CAD370.91 KB20-09-2023 Download


Futsal Goals
Futsal Goals