First Down Football Products (FDFP) Acquired by Sportsfield Specialties

Sportsfield Specialties, Inc. has acquired the assets of First Down Football Products (FDFP), a California-based company renowned for their uniquely hinged Football Goal Post. Part of the deal includes the rights to US Patent No. 8,496,547 for the collapsible design.

Prior to the acquisition, Sportsfield established a name with their patented AdjustRight® Football Goal Posts, which includes a collapsible model. The popular field goals are used in countless stadiums and athletic venues throughout the United States. While both AdjustRight® and FDFP models achieve the same goal of making it easier and safer for end users to lower and raise field goals, there are differences.

One difference is the location of the hinge and hydraulic cylinder. The AdjustRight® hinge and lowering mechanism is located below ground while the FDFP design’s hinge is several feet above ground, thereby allowing the uprights to lay flat when in the lowered position. Another difference is the FDFP design has a motorized raising mechanism that can be activated with a cordless drill, while the Sportsfield model is pumped manually.

“Our company prides itself on innovation and we have great respect for the inventorship and product development of George Wiley and First Down Football Products. We’re excited to add this product to our industry-leading line of football goal posts,” said Sean Clark, President at Sportsfield Specialties.

For more information about Sportsfields new collapsible football goal posts, customers can contact their regional sales managers or by calling 888-975-3343.

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