How to Submit Your Artwork for Digitally Printed Graphics

To facilitate the hand-off of your logo or graphic files to Sportsfield Specialties, please use the information below to ensure your logo, graphics or photos will look their best. This handy guide will help you answer frequently asked questions and understand best practices. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in production delays. Follow this handy guide to ensure that your artwork will be print ready.

Step 1: Choose the Right File Type

For best results, we prefer all logos and artwork to be in Vector format. If vector format is not available, we can use raster images if they are at the full size of the finished product.


Vector files are made up of line artwork and can be scaled to any size without affecting the quality of the image. They are created in programs such as CorelDraw® or Adobe Illustrator®. Common vector file types are: .cdr, .eps, .ai, .svg, and .pdf

Occasionally these files contain raster images within them, in rare instances we may ask for a different file, even though the file type is correct.


Pixel based images that can become blurry based on the image resolution and the final size of the image. They are created in programs such as Corel® or Adobe® PhotoShop. Common raster file types are: .jpg, .png, .psd, and .tiff. 

We DO NOT accept MS Publisher, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel or Canva file types.

Step 2: Choose CMYK Color Mode

Our printing process uses CMYK color mode, which is optimized and standardized for digital printing. Please note most images online are setup in RGB, which is optimized for screens. RGB, HEX, and PMS colors will be converted to CMYK.

To ensure the colors in your file match what you see on your screen, please set up your image in CMYK color mode before submission. If your image is submitted in RGB it will be converted and the tones may be different than you expect. We’ll reach out for approval in the case the change is significant.

If color is a concern, we recommend a hard proof or a consultation with your sales rep to discuss color matching options. Please specify critical PMS (Pantone® Matching System) colors in the vector file whenever possible.

Step 3: Check Image Resolution

Non-vector file resolution should be at least 300 DPI and submitted at the size you need in print. If the DPI of an image is not known, we advise submitting the largest, clearest image that you can provide. Blurry or pixelated submissions will suffer a loss in quality when being processed or may not be processed at all.

Remember, if you find a logo or artwork on the internet, they are typically set to 72-150 DPI (web resolution). This resolution is not high enough quality for digital printing.

Step 4: Outline Your Fonts

Save a version of your artwork with the fonts converted to outlines. This eliminates the need for you to provide us with the fonts that you incorporated into your design.

Our Font Library

Fonts used in your design may not be available in our font library, which can cause issues when opening your file. Fonts not converted may be automatically converted to a default basic font in our library, thus slowing down production. For a list of available fonts, please contact your sales rep.

If you are unable to convert your fonts, you should include your fonts with your artwork.

Step 5: Organize & ZIP Your Artwork

When you’re ready to submit your artwork and related files, create a folder the following files and compress (ZIP) it so it can be easily uploaded.

Include the following in your folder: fonts, embedded images, artwork and special instructions.

After you compress (ZIP) the folder, rename it to include the organizations name, project name and name of sales rep. This will allow our graphics department to identify the files needed quickly.

EX: “Organization-Name-Project-Name-Sales”

Step 6: Upload Your Artwork

The final step is to send your artwork to your sales representative. You can do this by either email, FTP or through your sales representatives contact form.

If you need to send us your artwork by flash drive, CD or DVD, please add shipping to your project timeline.