Ultra Cross® Netting Lauded for Versatility, Strength, See-Through Visibility

Sportsfield Specialties, Inc. has attracted the attention of designers and stadium managers looking for long-lasting and versatile netting protection with their Ultra Cross® Knotless Netting. The braided/knotless design is the strongest netting configuration available, which allows manufacturers to decrease the twine gauge without compromising strength. This state-of-the-art product, paired with Sportsfield’s innovations and strategic partnerships is the ideal combination for sports venues with unique safety issues.

When designers at DLR Group sought an outdoor netting system that could withstand year-round fan protection without obstructing views of the game and Rocky Mountain backdrop at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs’ (UCCS) new baseball park, they found their solution in Ultra Cross® netting. “Our Ultra Cross® system has the highest open-area percentage available in the market, due to the knotless and 1.2mm gauge twine. Less material means decreased wind load and stress from ice accumulation; all without compromising visibility,” explained Michael Mercadante, Midwest Sales Manager at Sportsfield Specialties. He added that the Dyneema® fiber construction has exceptional UV and weather resistance, so it’s ideal for extended exposure to the elements.

Back east, at Yale University’s Reese Stadium, home of the NCAA champion Bulldogs, facilities managers were looking for a low obstruction barrier to protect fans from stray lacrosse balls, that could also be easily retracted or removed for special events. “The Bulldogs play the game fast, with balls traveling 100mph or more,” said Matt Moyse, Northeast Sales Manager. He explained that SSI worked alongside industry professionals at Milone & MacBoom and R.A.D. Sports to devise a plan. “The outcome was a first-class curtain system that provides safety during play and allows for practical access during other events.” Moyse noted that Ultra Cross® netting is exceptionally lightweight due to the low-profile design, making it easier to handle than industry alternatives.

“As institutions and athletic organizations move toward increasing safety at their venues, [SSI has] received more requests for netting to protect buildings, pedestrian walkways, and roads that run adjacent to athletic fields,” Moyse said. “and with synthetic turf cycles running 10-12 years, clients are looking for a non-obtrusive product that possesses the same durability as all our products — Ultra Cross® accomplishes that. It protects areas outside the field of play, without being visually invasive.”

“It’s a versatile product that’s earned the trust of customers from NCAA to MLB. Designers are even including it in projects to protect scoreboards from ball impact,” Michael Mercadante concluded. “The draw is the product’s strength, durability, and industry leading see-through visibility – You just can’t beat it.”

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