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Our New York and North Carolina offices are open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm (EST). Sales and Customer Service hours may vary by region. Sportsfield Specialties is closed the following holidays: New Years Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and the Friday after, Christmas Eve and Day.

As our company grows, we are often looking for new team members. Visit our Employment Page for current job postings.

New York: Deliveries can be made to 41155 State Highway 10. Delhi, NY 13753.

North Carolina: Deliveries can be made to 155 Boyce Dr. Mocksville, NC 27028.


Customer Service

Visit our Contact Page to determine whether you are a Sports Construction Sales, Direct Sales, or Dealer Sales customer. Click the appropriate icon to establish who your regional sales representative is. Quotes and purchases will be managed by your regional sales team. Sportsfield Specialties accepts purchase orders (with agreed-upon terms) and all major credit cards.

Yes! Sportsfield Specialties manufactures almost all the equipment featured on our website. Since 1998, we have been committed to game-changing designs and currently have 30 patents for our innovations. The company’s New York headquarters is home to a state-of-the-art design engineer studio and 180,000 square foot manufacturing campus focused on fabricating metal products such as football goal posts, netting system poles, modular dugouts, and much more. The 60,000 square foot facility in Mocksville, North Carolina manufactures soft goods like protective padding products, windscreens, and sewn netting for equipment and safety barriers.

Yes. Sportsfield Specialties offers a wide variety of standard products, but some facilities still require specialized equipment. You can contact your regional sales representative to inquire about a custom solution. If we are unable to find an in-house solution, we will reach out to our vast network of vendors to seek the product your organization is looking for.

Color charts can be accessed by following this link to downloadable PDFs. You will need Adobe Reader to view our color charts.

Vector files (.ai,.pdf, and .eps) are preferred for most projects. While our graphics department is very flexible and can accept almost any file type, Vector files will produce the fastest turnaround. When submitting, please use high-resolution raster or vector graphics, otherwise we cannot guarantee the print resolution will meet your qualifications. We will do our best to inform you of any potential issues.  Artwork can be submitted directly to your regional sales representative.

Lead times vary depending on the product and time of year. Typically, it takes up to two weeks for a product to be shipped but may take longer during the busier summer months. Also, please note, that customized orders, poly board benches, dugouts, filming towers, and tension netting systems will have longer lead times of approximately 4-8 weeks. For the most up-to-date lead times, please contact your regional sales representative.

5-15 business days after submittal approval, which is based on the size and complexity of the project scope

Yes. Some of our equipment requires professional installation and custom adjustments. Our team is here to help facilitate orders, design and manufacture equipment, and coordinate installation with experienced contractors from our nationwide network to provide you with Excellence from Design to Installation.

All Sportsfield Specialties equipment is available via contract #KPN-202001-02. Keystone Purchasing Network (KPN) is a cooperative purchasing program that serves educational, local government, and non-profit organizations nationwide. Contracts are competitively bid so there is no need to duplicate the bid process. Eligible schools and agencies can join KPN at no cost and no obligation to purchase.



Chain link fence backstops provide a durable and economical safety barrier for ballparks with smaller backstops (less than 20’ high). However, chain link fencing is prone to rust and distortion from impact over the span of its life. Also, the chain link obstructs the view for spectators because of the wide gauge of the metal.

Backstop netting, on the other hand, provides a secure lower profile protective barrier that can be more affordable, minimally obstructs the view, and looks professional. Additionally, backstop netting systems can be customized to fit unique venues and designed for broad coverage that spans down the foul line and up to 60’ high. Using our premium Ultra Cross® netting product increases the benefits by providing 95% see-through visibility and exceptional durability, certified through 3rd party testing. Learn more about our new easy-to-install backstop netting systems with integrated wall padding here.

Ultra Cross® Netting is manufactured with Dyneema®, which is considered the world’s strongest fiber. It is used in making products like bulletproof vests and air cargo nets. Because the fiber is so strong, less material is needed to create the twine. Additionally, Ultra Cross® netting is configured with a braided intersect instead of a knot, which minimizes visible material. The unique intersection eliminates 30-60% strength loss experienced by knotted synthetic fibers. The final product is a low-profile 1.2mm net that does not compromise on strength and durability and provides 95% see-through visibility. Additionally, less material means less weight and that means less stress on your system. This is why Ultra Cross® is the preferred protective netting solution for MLB and MiLB clubs!

Sportsfield Specialties netting systems are designed by our in-house engineers based on the practical use, weather, and geological conditions of the installation location. Stamped drawings are available (and required in some applications) to guarantee your system will withstand local conditions. Additionally, Sportsfield offers StormGuard® Multi-Sport Netting Systems, a patented break-away technology designed to prevent extreme weather failures.

Sportsfield Specialties offers several types of mobility kits for soccer goals. The newest innovation, the Levered Soccer Goal Wheel Kit, is an external system that allows users to conveniently raise and lower their Sportsfield soccer goals using a removable levered handle. In the raised position, the swivel wheels provide effortless maneuverability in any direction with large 8” hard rubber wheels and 9” ground clearance. The wheel kits can remain in place in the up position during play or can be easily removed and stored to prevent unauthorized use. A second option is our SGMobile® integrated wheel kit. This mobility solution includes retractable plastic roller wheels embedded in the front of the goal frame and a mobility handle for ease of transporting. A third popular option is our soccer goal with an integrated skiddable base designed to slide along turf – Not only is there no lifting, but the fully integrated skiddable base is extremely durable, requires little maintenance, and minimizes damage to your turf when dragged.

In an external wind tennis system, the cable and cranking mechanism are on the outside of the post. Alternately, with an internal winder, the tennis net cable is fed into an enclosed mechanism, giving it a more professional aesthetic.