Scoreboard Post Padding


  • Square design x 6' height
  • Premium fully encased construction
  • 2" thick closed cell cross link foam and outdoor vinyl
  • Custom digital graphics available upon request
  • Variety of standard colors available






Product Details

Scoreboard i-beam padding is manufactured from a 18 oz. outdoor vinyl fully encasing a 2" thick closed cell cross link foam. It is 6'H, four sided and standard sizes fit post inside dimensions from 4" to 20" with custom post padding sizes available upon request. Includes sewn in hook and loop vertical closure. Various standard vinyl colors are available.

Specs & Downloads

Model # Specifications Files
SBP4 Scoreboard I-beam padding, 4" max inside dimension
SBP6 Scoreboard I-beam padding, 6" max inside dimension
SBP8 Scoreboard I-beam padding, 8" max inside dimension
SBP10 Scoreboard I-beam padding, 10" max inside dimension
SBP12 Scoreboard I-beam padding, 12" max inside dimension
SBP14 Scoreboard I-beam padding, 14" max inside dimension
SBP16 Scoreboard I-beam padding, 16" max inside dimension
SBP18 Scoreboard I-beam padding, 18" max inside dimension
SBP20 Scoreboard I-beam padding, 20" max inside dimension

Color Charts

18 oz. Outdoor Vinyl Color Chart

Color Chart Swatch - Grey


Color Chart Swatch - Black


Color Chart Swatch - Yellow


Color Chart Swatch - Orange


Color Chart Swatch - Burgundy


Color Chart Swatch - Red


Color Chart Swatch - Aqua


Color Chart Swatch - Royal Blue

Royal Blue

Color Chart Swatch - Blue


Color Chart Swatch - Dark Blue

Dark Blue

Color Chart Swatch - Navy Blue

Navy Blue

Color Chart Swatch - Purple


Color Chart Swatch - Green


Color Chart Swatch - Emerald Green

Emerald Green

Color Chart Swatch - Forest Green

Forest Green