Adjustable High Jump Standards

  • Aluminum and steel construction
  • Standard black, red, and silver powder coat finish
  • Metric and English measurement scales
  • Adjustable from 2’ to 8’ tall
  • Base plate with leveling feet


High jump standards are an essential piece of equipment used in the high jump event. They provide support for the high jump cross bar, which is the horizontal bar that athletes attempt to clear during their jumps. The use of standards ensures that the crossbar is set at the correct height for all athletes. The markings on high jump standards make it easy for athletes, officials, and spectators see the current height setting.

‘Our adjustable high jump standards are constructed of powder coated steel and aluminum. They can extend from 2’ to 8’ tall and come with a steel base plate that provides stability to the standards and prevents them from tipping over. It’s leveling feet give users the ability to adjust the high jump standards as needed.


HJS0208 - 8' High Jump Standard

HJX - 4M High jump crossbar, high visibility fiberglass
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High Jump Standards
High Jump Standards
High Jump Standards
High Jump Standards