Hurdle Carts and Covers


Hurdle carts are specifically designed to transport and store our l-shaped and rocker hurdles on and off the track. Each cart model can carry and secure up to 10 track hurdles. Our hurdle carts are constructed of aluminum with a black powder coated finish. The 5” hard rubber swivel caster wheels allow the hurdle cart to easily navigate around obstacles and debris.


HLCRT41 - Transport cart for up to ten 41" "L" shaped hurdles

HLCRT47 - Transport cart for up to ten 47" "L" shaped hurdles

HLRCRT - Universal transport cart for up to ten rocker or "L" shaped hurdles

HLRCRTAWC41 - Optional all-weather vinyl cover for 41" "L" shaped hurdle cart
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HLCRTAWC47 - Optional universal all-weather vinyl cover for HLRCRT hurdle cart
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Hurdle Carts & Covers
Hurdle Carts & Covers