TurfBase® Bases, Home Plates & Pitching Rubbers

  • Patented breakaway base designed specifically for synthetic infill turf
  • Ideal for multi-sport a thletic fields, parks, and recreation facilities
  • Molded pegs grip the infill material providing lateral stability underfoot
  • Releases upon impact of a slide, complying with breakaway requirements
  • Durable all rubber mesh reinforced construction with textured surface
  • Does not require ground anchors, site-work, or concrete footings
  • Official size and shape bases, home plates, and pitching rubbers


Sportsfield Specialties makes turf base installations a snap! The TurfBase’s durable all rubber construction includes mesh reinforcement and specially designed pegs molded into the underside that grip the turf and infill material preventing lateral movement, while still allowing for an upwards vertical lift caused by an above average impact such as a slide.

TurfBase® also allows for the conversion of any synthetic turf surface to a baseball/softball application providing an easily installed and/or removed, cost effective solution for multi-sport athletic playing fields as well as parks and recreation facilities.


TBS - TurfBase® synthetic turf base set

TitleSizeDate addedDownload
TBS - TurfBase Set 3-Part Specification49.00 KB20-09-2023 Download
TBS - TurfBase Base886.45 KB20-09-2023 Download

TBDS - TurfBase® synthetic turf double first base set

TitleSizeDate addedDownload
TBDS - TurfBase Double First Base Set 3-Part Specification49.50 KB20-09-2023 Download
TBDS - TurfBase Double Base1.38 MB20-09-2023 Download

TBHP - TurfBase® synthetic turf home plate

TitleSizeDate addedDownload
TBHP - TurfBase Home Plate 3-Part Specification49.50 KB20-09-2023 Download
TBHP- TurfBase Home Plate492.21 KB20-09-2023 Download

TBPR - TurfBase® synthetic turf pitching rubber

TitleSizeDate addedDownload
TBPR - TurfBase Pitching Rubber 3-Part Specification49.50 KB20-09-2023 Download
TBPR - TurfBase Pitching Rubber447.25 KB20-09-2023 Download


TurfBase® Bases, Home Plates & Pitching Rubbers
TurfBase® Bases, Home Plates & Pitching Rubbers
TurfBase® Bases, Home Plates & Pitching Rubbers
TurfBase® Bases, Home Plates & Pitching Rubbers