Rawlings Bases, Home Plates & Pitching Rubbers

  • Official base of Major League Baseball for over 70 years!
  • Base design has extended and tapered lip that virtually eliminates edge turn
  • Engineered to better withstand bad weather and includes special UV inhibitors
  • 4-sided pitching rubbers feature ultra-strong molded rubber construction
  • Choose from a variety of standard base, home plate, and pitching rubber models
  • Additional Rawlings / Hollywood field equipment available upon request


Sportsfield Specialties has partnered with Rawlings, the market leader in baseball/softball equipment to offer a complete product line of baseball/softball field equipment, including Rawlings / Hollywood bases, home plates and pitching rubbers as well as the remaining miscellaneous field equipment necessary for game day and practice situations.


SHBBPLSET - Rawlings Original Jack Corbett® MLB® Hollywood base set (set of 3)
SHIBD - Rawlings Hollywood Impact® double first base set (set of 3)

TitleSizeDate addedDownload
SHIBD - Schutt Hollywood Impact Double First Base Set240.40 KB20-09-2023 Download

SHIBL - Rawlings Hollywood Impact® bases (set of 3)

TitleSizeDate addedDownload
SHIBL - Schutt Hollywood Impact Base384.00 KB20-09-2023 Download

SHBBPB - Rawlings Hollywood MLB® Official Size Four Sided Professional Pitching Rubber

TitleSizeDate addedDownload
SHBBPB - Schutt Four Sided Professional Pitching Rubber213.56 KB20-09-2023 Download

SHP-PS - Rawlings Pro home plate with ground anchor
SHP-RBA - Rawlings Bury All rubber home plate
SHP-UM - Rawlings Hollywood MLB® pro style universal home plate

TitleSizeDate addedDownload
SHP-UM -Schutt Hollywood MLB Universal Pro Style Home Plate268.48 KB20-09-2023 Download

SH12916590 - Rawlings foam anchor plug with indicator (sold individually)
SHBBP-44 - Rawlings ground anchor mounts (set of 3)

TitleSizeDate addedDownload
SHBBP-44 - Schutt Ground Anchor Mounts204.53 KB20-09-2023 Download

SHBBP-64 - Rawlings mushroom anchor plugs (set of 3)
SHSRHP - Rawlings Hollywood Bury All home plate
SHSPR-4SO - Rawlings official size 4-sided professional pitching rubber, 6" x 24"
SHLBMPR224 - Rawlings Hollywood official size dual stanchion pitching rubber, 6" x 24"
SHSPR-SD - Rawlings official size step down pitching rubber, 6" x 24"
SHSPR-4SY - Rawlings youth size 4-sided pitching rubber, 4" x 18"
SHLBMPR218 - Rawlings Hollywood youth size dual stanchion pitching rubber, 4" x 18"


Rawlings Bases, Home Plates, Pitching Rubbers
Rawlings Bases, Home Plates, Pitching Rubbers
Rawlings Bases, Home Plates, Pitching Rubbers
Rawlings Bases, Home Plates, Pitching Rubbers