H-Style Football Goal Posts

  • Ideal for practice and recreational fields
  • Economic alternative to modern gooseneck style goal posts
  • Durable 4″ aluminum construction
  • NEW! fade resistant super durable powder coated finish
  • Includes ground sleeves and directional flags


H-style football goals, also known as “h-shaped goals”, are typically used in American football. This style of football goal post is an affordable option for schools, practice fields, sports facilities, and parks on a budget or with limited space.

The h-style football goal by Sportsfield Specialties is constructed of aluminum with a fade resistant and durable powder coated finish. All product dimensions meet and/or exceed specifications, rules, and regulations of current athletic governing boards.

The aluminum h-style football goal is relatively easy to construct and install on synthetic turf and natural grass fields. Use an access frame kit to make it easy install and remove as needed.


GPH20HS - High school, 20' uprights, 23'-4" crossbar width

GPH20COL - College, 20' uprights, 18'-6" crossbar width

GPH30HS - High school, 30' uprights, 23'-4" crossbar width

GPH30COL - College, 30' uprights, 18'-6" crossbar width


H-Style Football Goal Post