Instructional Videos Added to Sportsfield’s Online Resource Library

Sportsfield Specialties, Inc. is pleased to announce improved resources for athletic venue managers and sports construction clients. In addition to providing technical documents such as cut sheets, install instructions, CAD drawings, 3-part specifications, and color charts, Sportsfield will now also provide detailed instructional and operation videos for various products in their athletic equipment cache.

For David Moxley, Director of Sports Construction Sales, the new resources are critical to offering a robust customer service experience. “We recognize that as our client base broadens, it becomes increasingly important to diversify the ways we communicate with them,” he said. Moxley added that while the sales team is typically a phone call away, when unavailable, the video collection and other technical documents are available 24-7.

The instructional video series is part of the company’s ongoing effort to improve information sharing for contractors, design professionals, and end-users. Moxley explained that, for now, a limited number of videos have been released, but others will be available as innovations are added to Sportsfield’s extensive product line. The resources can be accessed from the Vimeo platform at Videos are also available to view on YouTube.


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