Sportsfield Specialties Shines in Padel Sports Industry Spotlight

In the fast-paced world of racquet sports, innovation isn’t just about the players or the equipment, but also about the infrastructure supporting the game. Sportsfield Specialties, the leading provider of sports construction equipment, is making waves in the industry with its USA-made PaDelhi™ Padel Court Systems. Recently, Racquet Sports Industry Magazine highlighted Sportsfield Specialties groundbreaking contributions, shining a spotlight on their role in revolutionizing the game of Padel.

David Moxley, the Director of Sports Construction Sales, and Shevket Tash, the lead design engineer, were interviewed regarding their involvement in developing and marketing PaDelhi™ Padel Court Systems. Tash expressed his excitement about being part of such a challenging project. Moxley highlighted the untapped market potential for Padel in North America, emphasizing the limitless opportunities available.

In the RSI Magazine feature, Sportsfield Specialties was praised for its groundbreaking approach to court design and construction. As the racquet sports industry continues to evolve, Sportsfield Specialties remains at the forefront of innovation, continuing to set the standard for excellence in sports construction. By revolutionizing the way padel court systems are designed and built, Sportsfield Specialties is elevating the playing experience and inspiring a new generation of athletes and enthusiasts

This post was featured in the latest ASBA Build it Right publication.

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