Sportsfield’s Equipment Innovations Receive Industry Accolades

Sportsfield Specialties Inc. is no stranger to innovation. In fact, the U.S.-based athletic field equipment manufacturer has over 25 patents under its name and shows no signs of slowing down.

On December 8, Sportsfield was recognized with two Game Changer Awards for their contributions to the advancement of athletic equipment at the American Sports Builders Association’s (ASBA) Technical Meeting Awards Ceremony in Orlando, Florida. The winning designs included the company’s new Tension Netting System with Integrated Wall Pad Backstop (fields division) and their new Retractable Long / Triple Jump Sand Pit Cover (track division).

“It’s a great honor to be recognized by the ASBA community for our work,” said David Moxley, Director of Sports Construction Sales at Sportsfield. He explained that continued product development is a critical component of the company’s success, “One of our goals is to make equipment that is both easy for contractors to install and manageable for end users to operate.”

Sportsfield’s Tension Netting System with Integrated Wall Pad Backstop accomplishes both. The systems, which combine components of a standard safety netting system and wall pad backstop into a single unit, are designed to streamline installation and ultimately lowers the cost for contractors. Once installed, end-users at multi-team venues benefit from the ease of swapping out custom logo pads. “These benefits are achieved without compromising a professional-looking aesthetic and design professionals still have creative flexibility,” Moxley added.

Likewise, Sportsfield’s Retractable Sand Pit Covers are easy to operate and install. A built-in mechanism allows end users to retract a vinyl cover manually with a removable crank. Moxley explained that the new design eliminates bulky weighted sand pit covers and replaces them with a lighter solid or mesh vinyl cover that can be removed, stored, and replaced with a heavy-duty aluminum cover in the off season.

“We’re committed to finding solutions to industry problems and we’re fortunate to have a talented team that is dedicated to advancing the industry.” said Moxley.

At the ASBA awards ceremony, Sportsfield Specialties was also recognized for their role in numerous award-winning venue construction projects as an equipment supplier. In 2018, they received Game Changer awards for their WeatherScape® Team Shelters and Pole Vault Standard Forming Systems among other accolades.

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