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Sportsfield Specialties provides confidence and leadership in the manufacturing and sale of athletic construction equipment for all levels. Let our sales team and industry partners assist you with the design, engineering, and installation of your next project. Our experience and expertise makes us the standard in sports construction.

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Thank you for entrusting Sportsfield Specialties with your athletic venue needs. Please select from the three divisions listed below first to find contact information for division directors, sales managers, and customer service representatives, or call us at 888-975-3343. Our normal business hours are Mon-Fri, 8am - 5pm EST. We look forward to assisting you!



Sports Construction Sales

Are you an Architect, Engineer, Design Consultant or Contractor? Contact your Regional Sales Representative for Sports Construction Sales


Direct Sales

Are you a Sports Team, School, Municipality or an End User? Contact your Regional Sales Representative for Direct Sales


Dealer Sales

Are you an Authorized Reseller of Padding, Windscreen and Mats? Contact your Regional Sales Representative for Dealer Sales


New York Office

41155 State Highway 10
PO Box 231
Delhi, NY 13753
Toll Free: 888-975-3343
Fax: 607-746-8481

North Carolina Office

155 Boyce Dr
Mocksville, NC 27028
Toll Free: 704-637-2140
Fax: 704-754-5708