Squared Guard Rail Padding

  • The preferred choice for aesthletics and branding
  • Available with high resolution digitally printed graphics
  • 18oz. outdoor vinyl covering
  • 1-1/4″ high impact XPE foam
  • 3/4″ moisture resistant composite board
  • Engineered rail attachment bracketry and hardware
  • Choose from a variety of standard color options
  • Fully sewn and grommeted models available upon request


Squared guard rail padding is the preferred choice for aesthetics and branding in and around your ballfield dugout. They are designed to minimize the risk of baseball and softball player injuries when collisions with guard rails occur.

The guard rail padding is manufactured from 1 ¼” thick closed cell cross link foam with a ¾” moisture resistant composite board and wrapped in 18 oz. outdoor vinyl. The padding attaches to rails with provided corrosion resistant brackets, grommets, or other fasteners.

In addition to safety concerns, our squared guard rail padding can be customized with team logos, colors, advertisers, sponsors, or other branding elements. For a more economical option, consider our round guard rail padding.


BSGRP - BaseZone Squared guard rail padding

BFGRP - BaseZone Flat guard rail padding

BSGRPSG - BaseZone Squared guard rail padding - Sewn Grommet


Squared Guard Rail Padding
Squared Guard Rail Padding
Squared Guard Rail Padding
Squared Guard Rail Padding