Sportsfield Specialties Announces Padel Court Partnership with Marcos del Pilar

Brian Jaeger, Terra Erickson, Marcos del Pilar, and Alex Fletcher at the RacquetX TradeShow in Miami
Brian Jaeger, Terra Erickson, Marcos del Pilar, and Alex Fletcher at the RacquetX TradeShow in Miami

Sportsfield Specialties, the first and only North American Padel Court manufacturer, is pleased and excited to announce an Exclusive Padel Court Sales Consultant Partnership with Marcos del Pilar. Marcos, also known by many as the “Godfather of American Padel” needs no introduction to the Padel community. He is the leading voice and advocate for the sport of Padel in the North America since 2017, is the former President of the United States Padel Association (USPA), is the Co-Founder of the Pro Padel League (PPL), as well as the current Commissioner and was recently named one of the America’s Top 20 Padel Influencers by The Padel State. Marcos is also one of the very few United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) Master Professionals in the world and was awarded “Professional of the Year” in 2022. He is an advisor for some of the world’s most exclusive investment groups in the sports industry and he has a very special talent to get people inspired around him with his beginner’s mentality, disruption, creativity, and evolved business vision. Marcos’s now famous quote from his 2023 RacquetX Conference session stating that “The U.S. in not a promise anymore. Padel is here. It has arrived!” could not have summed up the current status of the sport any better.

In cultivating their relationship, both Sportsfield Specialties and Marcos realized that they shared a similar vision of the future of Padel in North America and that creating a partnership between them to encourage the growth of the sport by providing the best possible design and construction of the Padel Courts installed would greatly contribute to the overall success of the sport for years to come. Sportsfield Specialties is very aligned with Marcos’s vision of growing the Padel community through an army of ambassadors and will be supporting and promoting his Padel Certification Courses throughout North America.

Sportsfield Specialties was recently featured in the April 2024 Issue of Racquet Sports Industry (RSI) Magazine highlighting their entry into the Padel Court market, as well as what has contributed to their success over the last several years in the athletic equipment construction industry. Marcos states that, “After visiting Sportsfield Specialties and experiencing firsthand the industry leading quality of their athletic equipment and extensive engineering/manufacturing capabilities, as well as their dedication to continuing the successful growth of Padel in North America, they were an obvious choice to partner with.” David Moxley, Director of Sports Construction Sales for Sportsfield Specialties states that, “When I first met Marcos in person, I was immediately struck by his drive, energy, and passion for increasing the exposure of and accelerating the growth of Padel in North America. We shared the common goals of providing high quality venues to play Padel and educating the public to the existence of such an exciting racquet sport, so it made for a natural fit right from the start.”

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