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Leaders in Sports Construction Equipment

Sportsfield Specialties provides confidence and leadership in the manufacturing and sale of athletic construction equipment for all levels. Let our sales team and industry partners assist you with the design, engineering, and installation of your next project. Our experience and expertise makes us the standard in sports construction.

Baseball & Softball Dugouts

Sportsfield Specialties specializes in preassembled customized athletic structures for your baseball and softball venues. Our exclusive 5-year warranty is a testament to the quality and durability of our products. No other manufacturer or on-site builder promises the same! By constructing our modular dugouts and storage units prior to delivery, we are able to manage the quality, avoiding inconsistency in on-site construction. Joints and seams are welded together with MIG and TIG techniques, which are only available within our factory setting and there are almost no bolts, which loosen over time. Weather-related delays are no longer a factor in installation because our preassembled modular dugouts are constructed in a climate controlled environment.