Sportsfield’s Newest Innovations are Game Changing

Last year was unprecedented on many fronts, but that did not slow down the team at Sportsfield Specialties, Inc. In fact, they closed out 2020 with improved product designs, several newly awarded and pending patents, and honors from the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA).

According to David Moxley, Director of Sales for the Sports Construction Division, productivity did not decline due to economic uncertainties around the pandemic. Instead, Moxley said, “We stayed busy fulfilling the needs of our clients and used time that was usually reserved for travel to connect with each other and work on product development.”

The extensive input of the sales team, alongside Sportsfield’s in-house engineers resulted in improvements to their existing AdjustRight® Gooseneck Hinged Football Goal Posts, the creation of Levered Soccer Goal External Wheel Kits, and the development of their new Pitching Mound and Home Plate Forming Systems.

AdjustRight® Hydraulic Gooseneck Hinged Football Goal Posts (US Patent #8,496,547) – The Hydraulic Gooseneck Hinged design was initially acquired from First Down Football Products in early 2019. The design recently received a Sportsfield upgrade that downsized the external hydraulic hardware kit, redesigned the gooseneck hinge, and converted the gooseneck and crossbar to aluminum, making it more lightweight and much easier to operate, without compromising the integrity of the goal.

Levered Soccer Goal External Wheel Kits – Sportsfield’s newest innovation allows users to conveniently raise and lower their Sportsfield soccer goals using a removable levered handle. In the raised position, the swivel wheels provide effortless maneuverability in any direction with large 8” hard rubber wheels and 9” ground clearance. The wheel kits can remain in place in the up position during play or can be easily removed and stored to prevent unauthorized use.

Pitching Mound Forming Systems (US Patent Pending) – Sportsfield’s innovative pre-engineered concrete forming system is designed for permanent synthetic infill turf installations. It meets all rules and regulations for mound diameter, height, and slope. It also eliminates complex hand-forming in the field and provides a sure-proof placement for end users, plus superior stability, and durability.

Home Plate Forming System (US Patent Pending) – This stay-in-place concrete forming system simplifies installation and ensures the home plate has a flush and adjustable transition with the surrounding synthetic infill turf. In early December, this industry first was awarded a Game Changer Award in the Fields Division at the ASBA 2020 Annual Technical Meeting.

In addition to receiving the esteemed Game Changer Award, Sportsfield was recognized by ASBA for their role as supplier in numerous award-winning sports construction projects throughout North America.

“This has clearly been a difficult year for many industries,” said Moxley, “so Sportsfield feels extremely fortunate that we’re able to continue the work we love – designing and manufacturing equipment that helps move the sports construction industry forward.”

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