Throw & Conversion Rings


  • Throw rings available in aluminum angle or web-reinforced styles
  • All rings include 3/4" recessed concrete finishing screed line
  • Conversion rings available to downsize discus circle for shot put/hammer
  • Designed to meet / exceed IAAF, NCAA, and NFHS rules and regulations






Product Details

All Sportsfield Specialties' throw rings are manufactured from two half circle sections of 2” x 2” aluminum angle ensuring that the majority of the ring is installed below the concrete. Competitor’s smaller angle and surface mount throw rings have significantly less attachment surface area and strength.

Specs & Downloads

Model # Specifications Files
TRDAA Discus throw ring for recessed pad
TRDAW Web reinforced discus throw ring for recessed pad
TRSPHAA Shot put / hammer throw ring for recessed pad
TRSPHAW Web reinforce shot put / hammer throw ring for recessed pad
TRSPHC Shot put / hammer conversion ring